Pippa McGee is a bridesmaid. Again.

Taking a weekend break from her freewheeling life as a travel writer and toxic bachelorette, Pippa returns to her hometown to serve as yet another bridesmaid at yet another wedding. From the moment she gets off the plane, it's a disaster. Jet-lagged and behind schedule, Pippa makes a spectacle of herself, downing martinis and hitting on men. She struggles home tipsy, only to discover that her widowed tyrannical, publishing mogul father has had a heart attack. Lying frail in his hospital bed, he has only one thing on his mind: he needs an editor for one of his magazines. Pippa volunteers, excited. What's the magazine? Travel? Politics? No. He needs her to run Wedding Bells.

How can Pippa McGee adapt to a 9-to-5 life? Write about puffy dresses after hiking in Bali? Deal with being reminded on a daily basis that she is 29 years old and completely, utterly single?

In a cruel twist of fate, her dad assigns her a publishing mentor. Ian Gray is both her father's vice-president, and the man she'd hit on unsuccessfully at her friend's wedding.

Nisha Ganatra  Director

Heather Graham  Pippa McGee
David Sutcliffe  Ian
Taye Diggs  Hemingway Jones
Sandra Oh  Lulu
Cheryl Hines  Roxanne
Sarah Chalk  Jane