Chutney Popcorn is a humorous look at the meaning of family and friends from a different perspective.

When Sarita discovers she can't have children, Reena finds that for the first time in their lives, she, Reena, can do something her perfect sister Sarita can't: get pregnant! Obsessed with helping her sister and winning her mom's approval to go ahead with her plan, Reena decides she'll have the baby and then give it to her sister and brother-in-law. Now she just needs to convince her commitment-phobic girlfriend to go along with the idea.

With Indian traditions on the one hand and '90s New York City values on the other, Chutney Popcorn is a provocative new comedy that shows you can find family somewhere between the two.


Nisha Ganatra  Director, Writer

Nisha Ganatra  Reena
Jill Hennessy  Lisa

Sakina Jaffrey  Sarita

Madhur Jaffrey  Meenu

Nick Chinlund  Mitch


"Every bit as acute as Monsoon Wedding, but more subtle in its blend of cultural satire and social comment, Nisha Ganatra's cinema directorial debut provides a wry analysis of the way in which family ties tend to bind individuality..."-EMPIRE

"Hollywood could learn a thing or two from Chutney Popcorn." -New York Times

"One of the delights of Carnival and Ganatra's script is the consistency with which it manages to surprise" -VARIETY

"A film we can all relate to. A great debut feature."-Diva

"A lovely, funny and touching film. Look out for blessing ceremonies with girls and their mother, and also the dyke-spotting scene! Best film title of the month **** " -OUT

"a delightful and heartfelt comedy" -NOW UK

"The story ... carries off the tricky feat of being wisecracking one minute and serious the next while staying true to its characters and sustaining a jovial easygoing tone", -Review by Stephen Holden, New York Times

SK's "Films Worth Seeing" -- "The film's chief triumph is its tone..." -Stanley Kauffmann, in The New Republic

"Chutney Popcorn is sweet and salty" -Review by Jay Carr, in the Boston Globe

"Snap, Crackle, and Pop" -Catharine Tunnacliffe, Toronto Eye

"Cleverly written..." -Berlin Film Festival 2000 Review by Eddie Cockrell

"An Eclectic Comedy for Our Times" -Stel Fine,

"A sweet and inventive comedy" -The Boston Phoenix

"Treats delicate topics with wit, sensitivity, and humor... Jaffrey turns in the most bitingly funny maternal portrait since Debbie Reynolds in Mother" -Variety

"Audiences eat up Chutney Popcorn..." at thinkIndia

Article, and Review, by Rachel Kramer Bussel writing for TechnoDyke

"The production values and cinematography are the Berlin Film Festival, 'Chutney Popcorn' won second place in the Panorama Audience Award and it's easy to see why." -Rainbow Network

Nisha Ganatra and Jill Hennessy talk to Jeff Calley at Hangin'OUT about the film. Audio Clip [RealPlayer G2]

"... delivering a story richly detailed in the traditions ..." -Loren King, PlanetOut PopcornQ

"Rare treat..." -John Black at digitalcity

"A breezy, engaging comedy..." -The Hollywood Reporter

Article: The Accidental Actress by Chris Lee

"Tickets worth paying the scalper for" from

"A Spicy Debut by Kavita Chandran" -from LittleIndia

"... colorful comedy"-TV Guide Review by Ken Fox

"The movie was great! It was a humorous and realistic look ..." -Aparita Bhandari

1999's best films by Aniruddh Chawda, from indiacurrents

"Fine performances and a hearty dose of smart-mouthed wise-cracking" -LA Weekly

"A genuinely heartfelt film" -Indie Wire

"(the kind of) energy and creativity that mark the best Indie Features" -Filmmaker 25 New Faces

"The BEST Independent Feature Film I've seen all year." -Mary Glucksman, First Look Film Series

Article By Lisa Tsering, from India-West