Indian-born Gopal (Roshan Seth) is shocked when his wife (Madhur Jaffrey) and daughter (Purva Bedi) desert him in the American suburb he's called home for twenty years. Alone for the first time in his life, Gopal turns to women's magazines and the Bollywood films of his youth for advice on navigating a romance with his next door neighbor, Mrs. Shaw (Carol Kane).

COSMOPOLITAN is based on a short story by Akhil Sharma, which first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly and was included in THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 1998. COSMOPOLITAN was financed by the NEA, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Asian American Television Association.

Nisha Ganatra  Director

Roshan Seth  Gopal
Carol Kane  Mrs. Shaw
Madhur Jaffrey  Madhu


"Nisha Ganatra is one of America's best young directors when it comes to eliciting superb performances from her (always multicultural) casts. In Ganatra's Cosmopolitan, Carol Kane's middle-aged, next-door amour might be her loveliest piece of screen acting since Hester Street thirty years ago."
- Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix

"COSMOPOLITAN is a wry romantic comedy..."

"Director Nisha Ganatra has crafted a frothy yet poignant valentine to first generation immigrants longing for their home country while forging a new life in their adopted one, and a celebration of the romantic lurgking within even the most resigned-to-loneliness heart."
-The Austin Chronicle

"... witty and tender depicition of mature romance."
-Herald News

"Bollywood meets American suburbia in this musical cross-cultural love story."